Links to Other Websites about Landrys   Landry Surname yDNA Project which provides yDNA profiles of Landry family lines.  Be sure to click on “About This Group” for explanations and “yDNA Results” for a table of yDNA profiles.   Contains numerous reports and copies of original records about Landry history (in French) by Marcel Walter Landry   An extensive Landry genealogy database maintained by Marcel Walter Landry (text is in French but labels can be set in English.)  Contains copies of numerous original records.   The Landrys of Old Acadia by Peter Landry.  Peter has written extensively on the web about the Acadians and their history.  There are many links to his writings.  All kinds of stuff related to Landrys managed by Donald Gene Landry and Jim Landry.   An extensive website about all things Acadian.